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Meet the winner of the #memories photo contest

A few days ago we were able to talk to Jordi, the winner of the photo contest we held with Agora Images during last summer. It was a short but intense conversation in which we talked about photography, travel and dreams.

The photography adventure of Jordi, a young graduate in Advertising and PR, began a little over a year ago, when he settled in Bangkok for 6 months by an Erasmus. There, he took advantage of the weekends to make getaways and photograph landscapes, animals and people that conveyed something special.
From the winning photo, it stands out that it was taken during one of those weekend getaways, specifically in Krabi (Bangkok). "When I saw the beach, it occurred to me that I wanted to take a picture from the heights. I found that cave and stayed there for hours, because the views were so great”.

How do you feel about being the winner of the #memories contest?
Honestly, I didn't really expect it! It was the first time I'd uploaded a photo to the Agora Images application, so I never thought I'd be the winner. 
Tell us a little about your work process...  
As a general rule I have some sites that I want to visit because I like them or because they seem creative to me. Once I'm in the place, based on the photographs I've seen about the site, I try to create the composition I'm looking for. Once the picture has been taken, the editing phase comes, which is the part that I dedicate more time, until I get the result I have in mind and being always faithful to the site or person I photograph, since the camera often does not transmit the colors or the way I see it.  
How would you define your style?
I'm focusing on landscapes, portraits and animals. I find the whole subject of nature very interesting. I usually use warm colours, especially oranges and blues. 
Do you have a reference in the world of photography...
Yes, I've been following several photographers for a while. But for my Jordan Hammond, a landscape photographer, it's quite a reference.
Tell us the photos of your Instagram that would put in the top 3
1. The winning photo of the contest, as it has always been one of my favorites.
2. Another one is of an elephant and I'll be uploading it soon.
3. Finally, a photo taken on the Phi Phi islands of a ship and a sailor in blue tones.

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