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Winner Experience: stop some penalty shots to Luis Suárez

On May 9th Ricardo Rosenblatt became the winner of the extra sweepstake: the jacket worn and signed by Luis Suárez. A couple of days ago we had the chance to talk to him for a while about the prize, his bond with Suárez and what made him enter this charity sweepstake in favor of Barça Foundation.

This extra sweepstake was part of the big raffle held by the FCB striker, whose grand prize was to meet him in Barcelona, stop him some penalty shots and get the jacket worn and signed by him.

The charismatic winner is a Uruguayan who lives in Israel, and even though he doesn´t consider himself as a football supporter, he is a true fan of his compatriot. In addition, he was keen on the idea of supporting the work of Barça Foundation through its program FutbolNet Inclusión, which uses football as a tool for reflection and an agent of change, in order to improve the life of girls, boys and young people who are in vulnerable contexts. Here you have the winner´s experience on his own words:

How did you feel when you found out you were the winner of Suárez´s coat?

(Laughing) At the beginning I was shocked, because I never win anything. It is the first sweepstake that I think I win in my short life.

And how did you find out you were the winner?

I didn´t enter the sweepstake myself, it was my wife. I don´t have social networks of my own. Not even Twitter. So yesterday she told me that there was a tweet saying I won. I thought it was a joke, but we supposed it was me, because I have a rare name. At the end, I decided to send you an e-mail to confirm if it was true.

We still have the grand prize: stopping Suárez some penalty shots in Barcelona

I hope to win it, but if we can do it in Russia at the end of the World Cup, the Uruguayans would be really happy. Yet, if I won, that would cause the end of my marriage, because both my wife and I want to go. On top of that, maybe I don´t even know how to kick a ball. Just in case, I will carry a thermos with me and a mate and I will share it with him.

How would you feel if you won the grand prize? Would you like it? Would you be excited?

I´m a Uruguayan who doesn´t like football. I´m one of the few Uruguayans who takes mate and doesn´t like football. However, that changed when I watched Suárez play. I follow him since he was in the Liverpool and I like both the way he plays and his personal story. I like him and I like to watch him play. Now I watch him play in Barcelona and we will watch him play until he retires. Every time Suárez plays, in my family it is a reason to seat together in front of the TV and watch football.

To give you an idea, I have been to the Estadio Centenario three times. During the 1980 Mundialito and now for the U-20 with my children. But I am not a football supporter. I´m one of the weird people who follows the player and not the sport. Watching him play is a pleasure.

In case of winning, you would have to come to Barcelona

It isn´t a problem. I live in Israel. It is closer than if I had won it being in Uruguay. It isn´t the same to be 5 or 12 hours away from Barcelona.

In addition to entering the sweepstake, you were supporting a good cause. Did your wife told you about it?

When she told me we had to help a foundation, it didn´t pose a problem and, on top of everything, we could get Suárez´s signed tie. I had no idea about the coat´s sweepstake and we weren´t hopeful about the grand prize. I don´t believe in sweepstakes. However, when we saw the player was posting on his social networks about the sweepstake, it encouraged me to enter. It was a pleasant surprise and winning makes you believe in the sweepstake system.

Who would you like to be the protagonist of our future experiences?

I´m not a football supporter and if I had to choose, I would choose Suárez again in order to have the opportunity, once again,  to meet him. In other areas, I would like Ayreon. He is a Dutch rocker who my daughter and I like. But not many people share my taste in music. If not, now Netta is on the rise. She is the winner of Eurovision´s last edition who is from Israel. My daughter loves her and no one can get her song of their minds.


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